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Lulu LaFortune

Lulu LaFortune Limited is a bespoke furniture line that's handmade by skilled craftsmen in LA. Since this was the inaugural launch of the brand and first line, the brand voice had to be established. Since the brand is a namesake, it was important to make the voice fun and quirky as a designer named Lulu.

See for yourself! 

Furniture designed by Lulu LaFortune

Photographs by Angie Stong

Brand Manifesto

Since the brand would create limited-edition collections, we started by creating a unified brand that can support future collections without being too limiting.

"Lulu LaFortune Limited is a brand dedicated to designing your next heirloom. Starting with craftsmanship, each piece is a balance of unique materials, impeccable fabrication, and bold design. All furniture is designed with the classics in mind and infused with youthful energy, a juxtaposition that allows the pieces to stand out today while also standing the test of time.All products are made in the United States of America."

minimalistbeware1 (1).jpg


After establishing a solid brand, Lulu and I build the individual collection's themes and tone that laddered up to the brand. From there, we had fun with social media, pop cultural and more. 


Newsletters are back, at least in my inbox. To build the brand conversation with followers, Lulu and I sent out bi-monthly newsletters which transition into blog posts with a short recap email below. Check out what we've done so far below!








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