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Le Passe est Present

For the second collection, Lulu and I stuck to what works: fun copy with a playful tone. With the addition of long-form copy print ads. As an homage to the longer days of advertising, I channeled my inner Don Draper and wrote some meandering copy that suited Lulu's casually confident voice. 

Collection Manifesto:


Le Passé est Présent” is a collection full of harmonious contradictions. The collection's concept brings the past into the present. Therefore, the core concepts are constantly at odds, seen in the forms, colors, and names. The designs fuse 1800's craftsmanship techniques and Instagram color pallet, reviving classic forms with trendy colors and fabric. All pieces are named after classical artists, while the colorways draw inspiration from pop culture moments—the perfect mixture of  1821 and 2021. Or, if you will, Le Passé est Présent.


Each piece of furniture is named after an artist or designer from the Arts and Crafts Movement and the colors are named after Pop Culture moments. Below is the item description & colorways.

Ambrose Heal Club Set

Screen Shot 2021-11-22 at 1.27.48 PM.png

We’ll take the lot! The Ambrose Heal Club Set combines two club chairs and a stool. Each piece modernizes the quilted craft by eliminating the patchwork and increasing the puff. Featuring a hand-tied spring base this chair and footstool is comfortable yet tailored. Each puff is hand stuffed and formed. This set is offered in several gorgeous, eye-catching colors which capture the highs and lows of each upholstered square. The dust cover and seat deck is covered in an the alluring silk chartreuse, an unassuming color with a complex history, which everyone should look up. Customers own materials available.

The Ambrose Heal Club Set is named after Ambrose Heal. While Ambrose might not be a household name, his designs influenced your household furniture. In his time, Ambrose was a well known craftsman who’s designs were first dismissed as “too simple” but soon exhibited at Arts and Crafts exhibitions for over 30 years. In an ode to his simple style that silently swept the nation, the Ambrose chair is straightforward.


The Ambrose Club Set is upholstered by Miguel Rosales.

The Instagram caption to announce new colorways:

"When 100s of color samples meet a 25 year old designer (me), there’s bound to be a reference to Legally Blonde.

When I see that pink I immediately think back to the time when I wanted to be valedictorian in high school just so I could say “we did it!” at graduation. But alas- I was a solid B-student who did no extracurricular activities.

Or this shade of brown that reminds me of Nick Parker from “The Parent Trap” and brings me back to the time where I had the worst cold of my life and I was watching the scene where Dennis Quaid says “Yes. To all the above. Except you don’t have to cry hysterically” and water came out of my nose and to this day I’ll never forget that Denis Quaid cleared my sinuses.

The point of sharing these cringe-worthy memories is to accentuate the point that these colors are not randomly selected! They are iconic yet sentimental to anyone paying attention throughout the 2000s"

To see the rest of the writing + collection, visit Lulu LaFortune


If it is not obvious yet, the brand is an homages to past styles. To promote the second collection, we created print ads that emulate the cool styles from the 60s and 70s. *ahem, Don Draper* 

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