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Dia Art Foundation

At Dia, I helped the department prioritize advertising and accomplish several special projects to celebrate the foundation's 50th anniversary—including an interactive timeline, a special media campaign, and social media promotion—and a media campaign to celebrate Dia Beacon's 20th anniversary. Currently, I worked closely with the Director, Deputy Director of Advancement, and the Director of Communications and Marketing to build a long-term advertising and press strategy to engage our existing audience and build a new audience.

50th Anniversary

I was tasked with creating a media campaign that would celebrate the institution's history. As a Dia enthusiast, I set out to create an interactive timeline to share the rich, rarely shared history. We contacted Pentagram to create an engaging timeline and worked with AREA 17 to develop the interactive design.

Explore the timeline here—

To create the timeline, I mined Dia's rich archive, which has yet to be digitized and shared. Working with the archivist, I compiled images and videos paired with publications text. Through collaboration with an Dia editor and archivist plus artist estates and foundations, we created a timeline featuring over one hundred events that explored Dia's history.


To promote the timeline, I created an media plan of print and digital placements that ran on the New York Times, Vogue, New Yorker, Architectural Digest, artnet news, The Art Newspaper, e-flux Index, and more. In collaboration with Pentagram, we created a cohesive advertising campaign that followed similar look and concept as the microsite while using iconic images from Dia's archive to communicate the unique position of the organization.


Dia Beacon's 20th Anniversary

Within my first four months of working at Dia, I successfully organized a community day offering free admission to the museum and expanded programming to celebrate 20 years of Dia Beacon.

Don_Stahl_COMMUNITY DAY-005.jpg

I organized a targeted local advertising campaign to promote the event and in tandem announced free admissions for all Newburgh residents. To celebrate the 20th, the design for the campaign departed from Dia's typical style and spread the message across major upstate New York magazines.

Beacon 20th Anniversary Community Day_Chronogram_300 x 50.png
Digital ads_Newburg free admission_300x250.png
23_0306_Chronogram ad_Beacon 20 Years_PRINT_w credit.jpg
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