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Strayer University

For Strayer students, their community lives online. We were challenged to refresh their social to match the brand's modern look and reflect their position as a modern university. In addition, I had to make sure all posts foster conversations to create a community for the students.

Art Direction - Alanna Quinlan

Creative Directors - Sara Goldsmith & Miklas Manneke

From this...


...To this.

Highlight Reel

How do you "own" motivational quotes? You write an awesome quote and someone with skills makes it look dope over a portrait you took for the campaign shoot. Cool, eh?

Strayer has a ton of programs for students. Using native features, we host sessions where students can ask any question.

Strayer students have a ton of success stories. To showcase the student body, we paired their quotes with their portraits. Think of it like a yearbook on Facebook.


There's a lot of cool programs at Strayer. We wanted to share them. Did you know? put a focus on these unknown programs so students could use them.

Motivation is huge for our students. Short motivational quotes help start their week on a positive note.

Social media is often used as a study break. Strayer wanted to leave some study tips. These posts featured a short tip that was fully explained in the post copy so students could use the tips.

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