Selected Writings

While short and punchy copy can be fun, sometimes I want to write more than 250 characters....below is a selection of writings from my (limited) long-form oeuvre. Stay tuned for more to come 

Lulu LaFortune Newsletter*

LA-based furniture designer Lulu LaFortune wants to be known for more than just her jazzy furniture. To help her create a well-rounded brand and brand voice, we launched her newsletter. While it's grown and changed to become more of a blog, we made sure her voice was still there. 

Une | Deux | Trois | Quatre

Blog Post For Ohio Sierra Club

A local environmental club wanted to highlight Cleveland's Mayor Carl Stokes to celebrate Black History month and his contributions to the EPA creation. Given this topic, I performed all research on my own and crafted the narrative. 

Newsletters For Local Nursing Home 

In addition to helping write the newsletters, I organized and streamlined the newsletter program, including converting it to the digital format and creating the templates + newsletter on Mailchimp.

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